5 creative ways to use affirmations

5 Creative Ways to Use Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful way to help you reach your goals. They can build optimism and turn around a negative mindset. And they work most effectively if you repeat them until they become part of your self-talk. 

But saying your affirmations to yourself in front of the mirror can get old fast. You need to find more creative ways of building your affirmation practice into your routine. Supercharge your motivation by injecting a little affirmation sauce into every aspect of your day.

Write Your Affirmations

 Writing your affirmations makes them more tangible. Studies have shown that the physical act of writing enables your brain to remember better. Choose your favorite way of recording your own affirmations. Keep a journal; write post-it notes and leave them where they’re easy to see, on your fridge, bathroom mirror, and computer. Set reminders on your smartphone or tablet with the text of each affirmation at different times of the day. 

 Make Affirmation Themed Art 

This might sound a little off the wall, but try making art themed around your affirmations. Use paint, collage, clay, or colored pencils, and let your Inner Child play with colors and shapes to interpret how your affirmations make you feel.


Turn Your Affirmations into Music

 Take a familiar or favorite tune and sing your affirmations instead of the regular lyrics. If you’re musical, maybe you can write a song that uses your affirmations. Make a rap song about your affirmations and create a dance routine to go with it. 

 Vision Board Your Affirmations

 Vision boards are powerful tools for setting out your goals. Affirmations can sometimes feel a little abstract. Using a vision board can help you come up with concrete images of what you want in your life. Look for photos that inspire you and make you feel good. You can make a physical vision board or use an internet platform like Pinterest.

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Get inspired

 Look around for motivational speakers and writers whose approach to life appeals to you. You can find plenty of motivational talks on the internet, on platforms like TED Talks and YouTube. Search for motivation from people you admire or those who have made their dreams come true while overcoming adversity. 

 It’s essential to find someone whose values and approach feel right for you. Don’t watch an influencer just because they’re popular. Check back with your affirmations to see if their themes ring true to you.

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15 thoughts on “5 Creative Ways to Use Affirmations

  1. These are such awesome ideas! I really love the idea of affirmation art, I love doodling and that seems like such a cool and unique way of incorporating the two! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I think these tips are great.

    I want to make a vision board so bad. I have heard how powerful they can be, and I want to see for myself.

    As it is, I keep my affirmations in my journal. I’m not just flapping in the breeze with nowhere to store my affirmations.


  3. I really love how you’ve connected affirmations with a creative outlet — I feel like this will be a beautiful way to be more intentional with what we say and do to support ourselves. I had not considered singing my affirmations or turning them into artwork, but this sounds like something I could really benefit from. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad you like the idea. I find that adding a little spice to our every day just makes things more fun. We tend to do what we enjoy most.

  4. I like how you’ve included a variety of things, so there’s something for everyone! These are fantastic suggestions! I like the notion of affirmation art, and I adore doodling, so this sounds like a really creative and unique way to combine the two! Thank you for providing this information.

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