5 peace inducing activities

5 Peace Inducing Activities

As the uncertainty of our surroundings and unpredictable future add stress, we are all looking for peace and relaxation. Rather than letting the overwhelming feelings of anxiety take over, take a step back, and identify what is in your control. Below is a list of five examples of ways to induce inner peace in the comfort of your own home.


Art is one of the best ways to express your emotions while distracting your mind and is a great way to pass the time while you are stuck at home. Painting is a temporary escape for the mind and produces a sense of inner peace, even when your surroundings seem unstable or scary. 

It allows you to take advantage of your creative side and dive deep into the different ways you are unique. You are in full control and can represent your feelings and opinions as you wish. The 'real world' does not constrain art.


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a healing practice. It is a great way to focus from within and come to terms with any deep emotions that you have been experiencing lately. Yoga and meditation allow you to find awareness in your breathing and stay present in the moment. 



Picking up a book each day allows you to pass the time in a productive way, as you will be learning and strengthening the mind. Reading allows you to depart from the stress and unpredictability going on in the world and can allow you to feel inspired and motivated. Even if it’s just for half an hour a day, reading a book is a very relaxing experience that calms the mind while keeping your brain flowing. 

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Being stuck at home is a great time to pick up new hobbies and make good use of your time. Learning to cook new meals is a rewarding experience. The internet has an abundance of recipes, videos, and other resources that can teach you to cook anything you could imagine. 

There are many factors that explain why cooking is such a peaceful experience. It allows you to stay in control of something that has a positive and rewarding outcome, while also allowing you to explore your creative side and add your own unique touch to your creation. It eases the mind and relaxes the body and can be a very positive experience for those battling mental health problems. 

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When you are unable to leave the house and go to public outdoor areas to get fresh air, gardening around your own house is a great way to benefit from everything nature provides. Gardening is similar to cooking in that it distracts your mind and allows you to feel “in the zone”, which forces you to let go of the worries and boredom you are experiencing sitting in your home all day. 

Gardening triggers feel-good chemicals in your mind that can relax you and keep you motivated during times of uncertainty. There is also a positive and rewarding outcome that appears through time and dedication that leaves you feeling accomplished. 

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