5 Unique Ways to Practice Self Care

It's a well-known fact that we need to be practicing self-care. But sometimes it seems a little boring. We do the same old things: exercising, eating great, trying to do nice things for ourselves. Has it become a struggle because of the tedious feeling? Or is your struggle that you feel that you're being selfish? 

 It's time to change things up. Let's look at some unique and interesting ways to practice self-care, which will make you feel good about what you're doing.
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A Fresh Look At Eating Right 

You already know the importance of a good diet. Now consider taking it to the next level. Make a practice of looking for foods which are healthy and natural. Look for home-grown items at a farmer’s market. Consider sustainable foods. Remember, eating right can have a healthy impact and those around you with only a little thought and consideration. 

 Connect & Enhance Relationships

 Let’s look at new ways to spoil yourself. Try replacing shopping therapy with investing in time with others rather than in more consumer goods. Having lunch with a friend brings a positive impact on both your life and theirs. 

Express Your Emotions 

When we shut down and try to control our emotions, we do ourselves more harm than good. Holding things in only leads to additional stress, higher blood pressure, and other negative physical effects. Instead, look for ways to express how you feel. Indulge in art. Try journaling. Get into deep conversation with others. These will help you come to a better understanding of how you feel and will aid in letting go of negativity.

Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.
- Audre Lorde

Pamper Yourself 

There is nothing wrong with indulging in little self-spoiling actions such as bubble baths, a manicure, or a massage. Look for natural products or practitioners that use them. By taking the extra effort to use natural products, you benefit yourself, the environment, and others. 

 Stretch Your Mind 

Self-care often includes time out to read a good book or to watch a movie. Again, both are great ideas. To take this to the next level, try watching a documentary instead, or reading something which has an impact upon how you think. Good examples of positive reading material include inspiring biographies, books on environmental issues, and anything which educates or keeps you informed.


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By following these tips, self-care becomes interesting again. Even more important, you see how you can affect the world in positive ways, even when you're just taking care of yourself. 

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6 thoughts on “5 Unique Ways to Practice Self Care

  1. I definitely like the “get a massage” idea!
    Today, one thing I deliberately did for myself was hiked up to our ridge with my husband. It was 28 degrees, but it felt great! I would like to make this my daily self-care goal for the month! I feel much better with I get out and exercise!

    thanks for the tips!
    Ridge Haven Homestead
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    1. Oh my goodness! When it’s 28 degrees outside, I’m not trying to go out of the house. If you want that to be your self-care goal – go for it!

  2. My life has become an exercise in Self-Care. There are areas I can tweak, and so I explore where I can improve. I have a community of friends and we check in with one another daily. We soon will volunteer to plant trees in local parks. I give time to electing local progressive candidates. But I never go too far from the dog I love. She saved my life.

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