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5 Ways to Be Positive and Optimistic When Faced with Uncertainty

It is human nature to become attached to our surroundings and our routines. We are creatures of habit and we tend not to enjoy when our habits are suddenly uprooted or things change unexpectedly. Humanity wasn't built to remain positive while maneuvering in an unfamiliar world. 

There will be times when your world will be unexpectedly changed for the worse. It may seem chaotic, but this is simply how life works. 

Today the world faces a pandemic, many businesses are closed, and social distancing is the rule of the day. There is still much uncertainty. However, there are some tips that you can follow to help maintain your calm, positive outlook and overcome the challenges you face. 


Embrace the Process

Overcoming the negative emotions associated with major life changes and upsets can be difficult. For each of us, the path the process takes varies by person and the length of time to traverse it also varies. Understanding that there is a process that your mind must follow to overcome what it views as chaos helps the process to flow more smoothly. 

Again, for each of us, this process is going to look slightly different. However, there are some general pieces that go into each of our processes that are similar. When our worlds are rocked, we tend to grieve the loss of things we know will no longer happen. After that grief, we must accept our new reality. Only after accepting our reality can we move toward change in a positive light. 

Remember Self-Care 

This means taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s crucial to continue your routine of self-care in the midst of a crisis. If you are experiencing chaos, exercise can be a wonderful outlet for relieving stress and overcoming obstacles. On the same note, counseling can be a great tool for managing emotional difficulties when coping with major changes. 

Utilize a Support System

Find a friend or a relative who understands the type of challenges that you are noticing around you. Bonding over the change that is occurring in your life can be an extremely positive move toward growth. Whether this is a co-worker, a friend, or even your hairdresser, you may be surprised at how positive it can be to just have someone to talk to when things become overwhelming. 

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Recognize You Can Control Your Response

There is really only one aspect of your life that you can control at all times. You. That means that your response to stressful situations, your mood, your outlook on life are all things that you have the power to control. Make a pact to maintain a positive outlook on these new changes, this pact can make a world of difference in the long run. 

Find a Creative Outlet

Whether you enjoy journaling, writing poetry, singing, or painting. A creative outlet can be a powerful tool for overcoming the negative emotions involved with an uprooted life. Learn to channel the positive emotions into your own creative outlet. 

Final Thoughts

Finding yourself in the midst of a chaotic change is never going to be an ideal situation. However, you can overcome the negative aspects of a major life change. Following the tips outlined in this article is a great start toward maintaining your calm during the chaos of life. 

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Be Positive and Optimistic When Faced with Uncertainty

  1. These are some great tips. A while back, someone taught me the difference between the circumstances that are out of my control and my ability to control my response. That was a hugely empowering change of mindset.

  2. I often prefer to just ride out the negative stuff rather than trying to force a change. My depression has been with me longer than most people I know, and one thing you learn is that it’s often easier to embrace that darkness than fight it

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