5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Many folks dream of living a simpler life, yet few change their lifestyle to bring this dream into reality. Your inner circle may or may not be supportive of the changes needed to accomplish this goal. Choosing to live a simpler life may raise a few eyebrows. Are you ready for that? Your circle may not understand why you are forgoing a job promotion with a huge pay increase and loads of extra responsibilities. Perhaps question why you stopped joining in on conversations on social media. Perhaps some may question your sanity as you pay off debt and sell your large home for a smaller one. You can get your health back, your family back, and lower your stress level. This adds up to a life lived to its fullest. Who doesn’t want that? If you are up to the challenge of ditching a complex lifestyle full of stress for a life well-lived, then here are five suggestions to help you succeed:
1. Determine your priorities based on your values. What is important to you and your family? What do you want to achieve? What does a simple life look like to you? Once you determine your values, decisions become more straightforward. You say yes to those things that align with your goals and no to those that don’t.
2. Reign in the digital noise. Smartphones are wonderful tools that should be just that – tools. Ease tension in your life by turning off notifications when you are at dinner or in bed. One of my favorites is to leave my phone in the house while I'm outside in our little veggie garden. Unsubscribe from emails lists that do not serve your mission and reply to emails at set intervals during your day, not as soon as one comes in.

3. Declutter your home. By removing unnecessary stuff, you open up your home for those possessions you genuinely love or need. You can start small, like in a junk drawer and then move onto your wardrobe. You will feel freer as possessions no longer weigh you down.

4. Live within your means. A simple life is one free from the stress of making money to pay bills and buy more stuff. When you are in debt, your stress levels elevate. Instead, pay down debt and learn to live within your means. You will quickly learn to enjoy life without struggling with debt.

5. Become comfortable being alone. The constant stimulation of technology and people causes us to be uncomfortable with being alone. You do not have to head out to an isolated mountain cabin and live as a hermit. It may even be uncomfortable for a while. However, as you learn to sit in the quiet with only yourself as company, you learn to relax and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Embrace the simple life by figuring out your values and then take the steps to align your life with them. This is living your life on your terms, not based on what the modern world thinks. You will be on your way to a life of serenity.

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