A Deeper Look At Being Happy

You probably have “being happy” at the top of your Good Life list. After all, everyone wants to be happy, right? 

And we’re surrounded by images of happiness, usually tied to having something bigger, better and shinier and usually just out of reach. But stop for a moment and think about what true happiness is. 

Guaranteed it’s not a new car or a big house. True happiness comes from within and isn’t dependent on possessions. You can find genuine happiness in the following truths.
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Find happiness in a full life 

You can be happy even if things in your life aren’t going the way you planned. A full life has difficulties, setbacks and achievements. Happiness means finding meaning in whatever is happening around and to you. Being grateful for whatever you’re experiencing will make for a happier, more satisfying life. 

Happiness doesn’t depend on other people 

Let me repeat that - happiness doesn't depend on other people. Often people put their happiness in the hands of others. They need external validation to feel good. But relying on other people’s opinion of you isn’t a healthy way to live. 

 Check in with how you feel deep in your heart and do the best you can. Doing our best day to day and moment to moment is all that any person can do.

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Happiness is not pretending 

Social media is full of people pretending to have perfect lives. They don’t. No one does. It is possible that the happiness you see on TV or your social media feed may be genuine. But remember, everyone is showing the best of their lives. Someone else's spotlight moment doesn't make your every day moments any less great. Few people are going to post their low points.

So, the online world that’s full of promotions, and happy families is an illusion. The real world is much more nuanced, and genuine happiness doesn’t happen in a bubble. 

True happiness comes from within

 It might sound like a truism/cliché, but true happiness does come from within yourself. If you expect someone else to make you happy, whether it’s a partner, friend or child, you’re giving them an unrealistic and unfair responsibility. You're also setting yourself up for disappointment. 

The only person responsible for your happiness is you.

True happiness comes from a deep connection to yourself, from self-knowing and self-acceptance. And once you have that, all your relationships will be energized and happier! 

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6 thoughts on “A Deeper Look At Being Happy

  1. I love this post so much! Everything you said is so very true. Especially the part about happiness doesn’t come from other people. It starts with you for sure!

  2. Such a great post and so meaningful! Yes we need to remember happiness comes from within ourselves. However the one thing that brings so much happiness to others is my great granddaughter Lia. She takes it upon herself to share her smile with others and that in turn can help bring happiness to them.

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