Adverse Times: Key Opportunities To Grow

Can you think back to some of the most challenging events in your life? It isn't nice, is it? Yet, those times of adversity offer you the biggest opportunity to grow and learn. In fact, times of adversity offer you the greatest chance to transform your life and to move you forward, closer to your wildest dreams.

Strength in Adversity

Throughout life, we will face a variety of negative and positive experiences. Life is diverse, isn't it? We don't seem to have any problem with cherishing all of the positive moments, do we? When something comes with success or happiness, we are quick to celebrate it. Yet, when struggles start to beat us down, we lose sight of the happy times.

We start drowning in adversity. What if instead, you allowed adversity to catapult you to growth and success? It's all down to how you choose to interpret adversity and respond to it.

You should view life as a constant celebration of growth. You have to change your view of adversity and recognize them as moments of reflection. This will allow you to find the lesson when faced with adversity. When you are faced with negativity, it's easy to allow anger, pain, and sadness to contaminate how you feel about everything. Negative emotions are natural. It's human to experience sadness, pain, and anger.

You don't have to feel bad for that, however, you cannot linger on those negative emotions. Look at dreadful events through a different lens, a magnifying lens because in the dreadful moments is where you can find clarity.

Life Is A Journey

Every day you live you take steps on your journey through life. Life is a journey and once your course is set you cannot allow adversity to derail you. It's one thing to change course based on evidence or a change in your values or beliefs, it's another to get blown off course by external forces. There are three constructive steps you can apply to help you deal with adversity as an opportunity to grow.

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1. Analyze The first thing to do is reflect on what created the negative event. What happened in that moment of adversity and made you feel how you do or did? You have to keep teasing the why out while also remaining realistic. You have to consider all of the factors, what was or wasn't within your control, how you felt, etc. You can't over-analyze, though, because if you do this for every slight in life, then you'll end up locked in negativity. As important as analyzing is, it's just as important that you understand what adversity truly is.

2. Acknowledge & Alter If you are harboring negative emotions, then you have to acknowledge them. It is just as important to alter your thoughts and attitudes that created those negative emotions. Maybe you didn't get a promotion, maybe you're going through a breakup, that doesn't mean you should dwell in the negative emotions you're experiencing. You can analyze the events that led to the occurrence and learn from them. It might not feel like it right now, but ultimately, life goes on.

3. Reinforce To obtain lasting mental strength, you need to reinforce what the situation taught you. What did you learn? It's easy to make gains, it isn't quite as easy to avoid setbacks. Don't allow one moment of adversity to drag you back to the starting square and wipe out what you have achieved thus far. Make sure that you consistently reinforce everything you have learned and recognize your growth. Adversity didn't kill you, but it will make you stronger if you allow it to.

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