Affirmations: My Feelings Are Valid

Affirmations and reflection questions are power items to have in your action toolbox. Mindfulness and positive self-talk are promoted through daily use of affirmations. Reflection questions also promote self-auditing and accountability. This set centers on the validation of your feelings. You can read more on that topic in the article 'Four Ways to Validate Your Feelings'.
  • I love and accept myself.
  • I stay calm. I distinguish between myself and what I am feeling. I give myself time to sort things out when I am overwhelmed. I take a walk around on the block or sleep on it.
  • I am honest with myself. I examine my personal biases and blind spots. I acknowledge my intentions.
  • I put my feelings into words. I tell myself that it is okay to be sad or angry. I write in a journal or call a friend who I can count on for constructive feedback. Expressing my feelings helps me to understand them and put them in perspective.
  • I learn how to encourage and motivate myself. I enjoy praise from others, but it is more important that I approve of myself. My confidence is strong and stable.

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  • I increase my self-awareness. When I have feelings that are conflicted or unexpected, I search for the reasons behind them.
  • I live consciously. I read about psychology and personal development.
  • I make sound decisions. I listen to my head and my heart. I balance logic and emotion. I take responsibility for my behavior.
  • I give myself credit for making an effort. Each time I try to validate myself or others, I become more skillful. I focus on progress rather than perfection.
  • Today, I treat myself with kindness and understanding. I manage strong emotions by accepting them and making wise choices that help me to be happy and successful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the difference between justifying my experiences and validating them?
  2. How does anger affect my ability to make wise decisions?
  3. How does validating others strengthen my relationships?

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