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Do you feel you are a kind person? Most people would likely answer yes to this question. But these same people can probably look back at past actions, and pinpoint things they would handle differently. I am sure we can all look back and remember times when we should have been thinking about the needs of others more. If you feel like you could be kinder, here are some tips to help.

Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstand, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.
- Albert Schweitzer

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

You have likely heard this phrase before, it is after all - the golden rule. At least, it should be! Why wouldn’t you adhere to this phrase? It’s so simple in meaning, and yet, people still don’t follow it. If you use only one tip, let it be this one.

Know what kindness means.

Before you can be kinder, it’s important to know what it means. Kindness can mean different things to different people. One definition that works well can be found when you search for the meaning on Google: “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” I think we can all agree, that definition is as good as any. 

Be genuinely kind.

People mistakenly believe that spewing out compliments is the way to be kind. However, when you don’t mean what you say, that isn’t a compliment at all. It could end up hurting the person you are providing the false compliment to. For instance, if you tell someone they look good and then talk badly behind that person’s back, that could come back to haunt you. It’s better to say nothing than to give false compliments.


Exude positivity.

When you have a negative attitude, you won’t be as likely to extend kindness to others. On the other hand, when you stay positive, you’ll find that being kind is much easier to accomplish.

Set a good example.

When you lead by example, you will have a much easier time getting people to follow you. If you treat people kindly and fairly, then those that look up to you will do the same. So, not only will you be a kinder person, you will make the world around you kinder as well.

Walk a mile in other people’s shoes.

You have likely heard this phrase before. When you see life from someone else’s perspective, you can more easily empathize with them. Before you judge someone in an unkind manner, think about their circumstances and how you’d feel in the same scenario. 

Listen More. 

Taking the time to listen more is one of the kindest things you can do. Sometimes people just need someone to vent to, and while it might not be the most enjoyable thing, it will certainly help the person who is doing the venting. 

Express It. 

Kindness only really counts when you express it. Say thank you, let people know you appreciate them, tell people you are there to help. Make an effort to express appreciation as often as you can. 

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The Kindness Challenge: Thirty Days to Improve Any Relationship

Think of your toughest relationship. Think of a relationship that is good but could be great. Think of a group of people that drives you nuts. You want to show more kindness and generosity, but sometimes you’re just tired, stretched, and frustrated. Besides, would small actions make that big a difference? Yes!

The Power of Kindness

When The Power of Kindness first appeared in 2006 it thrilled and challenged readers with one audacious promise: Your acts of generosity and decency are the secret to a fuller, more satisfying life. Kindness is not some squishy virtue but the very key to your own happiness.

The Hidden Power of Kindness: A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World, One Deed at a Time

There's nothing complicated or magical about learning to be kinder; it just takes greater attention to the things that you do and how you do them. The Hidden Power of Kindness shows you how to become more aware of even your most offhand daily actions.

Kindness Boomerang: How to Save the World (and Yourself) Through 365 Daily Acts

This book is a call to action for anyone who wants to live a more connected and fulfilling life and contains 365 daily acts that will bring positivity to everyone.

Kindness Starts Here: A 52 Week Journal to Cultivate Kindness

Think about it—if we all choose to respond to difficult situations, opposing viewpoints, and hurtful words with gentleness, this world would be a better place.

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6 thoughts on “Being Kinder

  1. There is no doubt that kindness matters and it is far more powerfully impactful than I think many people realize. It not only makes other people feel good but when we are kind it makes us feel good (not to mention how important it is to be kind to ourselves). This was a great reminder to take time to shift our mindset — thanks for sharing!

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