Change Toolbox

Even when change is good, it can be very challenging. How do you know when it is time to pivot and change the direction of your life? Do you feel like you want to change your life, but are having problems getting started? Check out our "toolbox" for resources to help.

Change Tools

 It Is Time. 

14 hints that you're ready to pivot and change direction in your life. 

 Pivot Checklist 

You're here because you're ready for a change, but you're not quite sure how to commit to a new life. 

 Costs and Benefits of Making a Change Worksheet 

This worksheet can help you analyze the costs and benefits of making the change or not making the change. 

 What We Can Control  

In this 10-day email sequence, we examine what is and is not within our sphere of control. Included in these emails are suggestions on how to focus on what is controllable and how this will make a positive change in your life.