chico & bella: a setting boundaries tale

Chico & Bella: A Tale of Setting Boundaries

Once upon a time, there was a chihuahua named Chico and a blue heeler named Bella. They lived in an apartment with their humans and were the best of friends.

One day, Chico and Bella were playing in the living room when Chico accidentally bumped into Bella's tail. Bella yelped in pain and Chico immediately felt guilty. "I'm sorry, Bella," said Chico. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Bella licked Chico's face and said, "It's okay, Chico. Accidents happen. But we should be more careful in the future." From that day on, Chico and Bella made sure to be more mindful of each other's boundaries while playing. They learned that it was important to respect each other's space and to communicate when they needed some alone time.

Thanks to their new understanding of boundaries, Chico and Bella's friendship grew stronger, and they lived happily ever after.


Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay.com

Setting boundaries is a healthy habit because it allows individuals to take care of their own physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It involves setting limits on what is and is not acceptable behavior by others, and communicating those limits clearly and assertively.

Having healthy boundaries helps us to feel more in control of our lives and to protect our needs and values. It can also lead to better relationships, as it helps to establish mutual respect and understanding between people.


By setting boundaries, one can reduce stress and conflict, as it allows you to say "no" to unreasonable requests or demands, and to set limits on their time and energy. It can also help to prevent burnout and resentment, as it allows people to take care of themselves and to prioritize their own well-being.


Setting boundaries is a key aspect of self-care and is essential for maintaining healthy relationships and a sense of balance in life.


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8 thoughts on “Chico & Bella: A Tale of Setting Boundaries

  1. Hello, I enjoyed the story which I shared with my son who needs to learn to set Boundaries. We enjoyed seeing the dogs. As well as learning about you. We will check out the children’s book soon. Have a nice weekend. I look forward to seeing were the #UBC takes you.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I really wish that setting boundaries was something that I learned as a kid. You are giving your son a tool that will serve him throughout life.

  2. I did love the way you introduced the subject by using the dogs for an example. My wife and I rescue dogs and have 19 at the moment so it was enjoyable while presenting very important information on living and enjoying life

    1. We are kindred spirits. When I was a kid, I would get my parents to take in strays. We lived in the country and had plenty of room. Mom finally said no to my “just one more” when we reached 22. I also think people would put their dogs out near our house.

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