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Let’s Connect: Communicating More Clearly

Communication is the foundation of everything we do.

 Whether you leave the house or not, you still communicate with others daily, be it online or in person. How well you get along with people hinges on how well you communicate. How successful you are in life also depends on how well you communicate. There are a few 'rules' that you can apply to all of your communications.


 While this portion best fits business communications, it is also appropriate for personal communication as well. Often, we waste a lot of time and energy communicating when we don't actually know why we're bothering. So, think about what you would like to accomplish? Even idle chit-chat can have some type of purpose, whether it's bonding or getting to know someone. When others initiate a conversation, consider why it's taking place. If you can't understand why try to gently guide the dialogue to determine the why. The purpose of this is to focus and understand the why to avoid rabbit trails and side issues that detract from the manner at hand. While on the surface this might seem stand-offish, being respectful of other people's time is greatly appreciated.

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship.
- Elizabeth Bourgeret

In-Person Communication

 We'd been friends for years. As happens when life gets busy, we didn't stay in-touch as often. We both had so much going on, that time to simply chit-chat was a rare luxury. I frankly don't remember what the point of dispute was, I just know that one text message changed everything. 

Have you ever fallen out with someone over text message? Or watched a fight unfold on social media because one person read someone else's tone wrong? If you're dealing with a highly emotional issue, then it should be addressed in person. If it's impossible to do so in person, at least do so via video call. This goes for positive and negative emotions. If you're delivering great news then you want everyone to get sucked into your positive energy.

 As far as bad news or negative conversations go, it will be received better if you do the job in-person.

 Email Facts

 This is another that is more suited for your business communications. People often lose concentration when they are being given facts and figures verbally. If you're dealing with a finance issue, statistics, or otherwise, opt for emailing this information so the other person can easily look back on the numbers when necessary.

 No Talking, Just Listen

Stop spending so much time doing all the talking and start listening. Unless you are the one who came to the table to start a conversation, give others the respect they're due when they are trying to communicate their ideas or feelings. Don't dominate conversations.



 We live in a society of information overload so simplify your messages. You might use five sentences, but you can probably say it with one. 

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Connect: Communicating More Clearly

  1. I love how you included the importance of active listening. A great reminder to engage with others preferably in person or by phone if it’s a social conversation. I do like email for the paper trail for business communications. Thanks for sharing.

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