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Creating A Personal Vision

Have you ever done one of those questionnaires, or been asked on a first date, “where do you see yourself in 5/10/30 years?” It can be a hard question for some people to answer, especially when sometimes you can barely see yourself one week from now! However, the reasoning for the question is solid, and if you take the time to answer it, you can have a real vision for yourself by the end. A vision you can work towards.

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How To Visualize 

Let’s say that in 5 years, you see yourself having made one million dollars, driving a Ferrari, and living in a penthouse condo. Or perhaps you see yourself living with your extended family in a large lodge style home sitting on 50 acres. Most people passively have an exciting dream and tell themselves that someday they’ll have those things. 

Visualization needs to be an active process. You need to imagine a million dollars sitting in your bank account right now, and also how you would feel when that happens. Let's examine those feelings. Would you feel excited, grateful, or insecure with the idea that you need to make more money? 

What would you do with it? Do you see yourself taking a trip with that money or making a large purchase? What would a vacation or new house feel like? You should connect emotions to your visualization, and to your future self. How would your future self feel about all this? Try to feel those emotions as strongly as you can, as if the present version of you is feeling these emotions too.

Remind Yourself Of Your Vision 

Whether through a vision board, affirmations, or something else entirely, you need to not only have the vision once, but you also need to remind yourself of it. Creating a vision for yourself isn’t a one-time process, because even though your vision can change, you should always expose yourself to it in your mind. 

 You should also always work hard at your vision and look for opportunities to make it come true because the vision is half the battle. The rest comes from you working to make it a reality in the present. 

 Also, don’t be afraid of your vision to change at all. It will change as you get older and different things become important to you. Embrace the change and see what can happen as your vision grows and matures with you, and occasionally do these exercises again for yourself. 

 That way, you will continue to be motivated to chase after that vision and will not stop whenever things get tough. With plenty of hard work and motivation, you will get your vision going, and where you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years might very well be where you will be! 

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