Emotional Health

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Self-care is vital for our overall well-being. Emotional well-being is just as crucial as physical well-being, as they are often interconnected. What if there was a way to live fearlessly — but also with grace and joy — in the world? What if we could love our jobs, houses, families, friends and bodies without shame or guilt? Would our wellbeing skyrocket? 'Caring for Your Emotional Health' is exploring this possibility through a 10 - day email series that empowers you to live with greater emotional wellness every single day. 

Included topics are: 

  •  Are Your Emotions Making You Sick? 
  • How Thinking Positively Makes Your Body Stronger. 
  • Do You Know How You Feel? 
  • Do You Know How to Process Your Emotions? 
  • What Happens When You Ignore Your Negative Emotions? 
  • The Reasons You Need to Learn Mindfulness. 
  • The Five Reasons You Should Be Keeping a Journal. 
  • How Thinking Differently about Loss and Failure can Heal Your Emotional Self. 
  • Eight Daily Habits to Improve your Emotional Health. 
  • How to Know if You are an Emotionally Healthy Person

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