Emotional Health

emotional health
Self care is very important to our well being. Emotional well-being is no less important than physical well-being. In most cases, they are directly related. With mental or emotional problems come other health issues. And when you are unwell or going through body pain or other physical medical conditions, your emotional well-being is at risk. “Emotional wellness” refers to our ability to process feelings in a healthy, positive way and manage the stress of everyday life. 

The series will start October 15, 2021 and included topics are: 

  •  Are Your Emotions Making You Sick? 
  • How Thinking Positively Makes Your Body Stronger. 
  • Do You Know How You Feel? 
  • Do You Know How to Process Your Emotions? 
  • What Happens When You Ignore Your Negative Emotions? 
  • The Reasons You Need to Learn Mindfulness. 
  • The Five Reasons You Should be Keeping a Journal. 
  • How Thinking Differently about Loss and Failure can Heal Your Emotional Self. 
  • Eight Daily Habits to Improve your Emotional Health. 
  • How to Know if You are an Emotionally Healthy Person

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