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Growth Mindset and Dealing with Change

As the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” This is arguably even more true than it was years ago because of the dynamic and fast-paced environment we live in today. With our surroundings constantly changing, we are forced to adapt and accept change, no matter how hard we try to fight it. Our perspective - our mindset is key to navigating a world that is continually changing. A growth mindset allows you to deal effectively with change. As you look at the skills needed for a growth mindset, you can see how they help you deal with changes in your life. 

Change is inevitable and eventually you learn it is ultimately out of your control. Rather than resisting it, it is important to build up the skills and techniques to cope with it and adapt to your surroundings. The skill of embracing and accepting change allows you to be less frightened, overwhelmed, and anxious about it which will ultimately lead you to a freer flowing life. Let’s look at a few examples of ways to cope with and accept the change that occurs in your life.

Make Personal Development Your Priority 

 Change is an opportunity. You can use changes in your life to learn, grow, and achieve your goals. The opposite is allowing changes in your life to burden or hurt you and keep you from reaching your full potential. Your mindset determines how you deal with it. A growth mindset makes personal development your priority. When faced with changes, a growth mindset sees them as opportunities. Instead of letting changes frighten or stop you, you look for ways to overcome difficulty and make changes a positive force in your life. 


 Humans are creatures of routine. It’s easy to become comfortable in habits and routines. Change breaks those routines and can make you feel distracted and unsure of yourself. You need to focus your mindset to deal effectively with change. Meditation helps limit distractions and keeps you focused on working through change and achieving your goals. Meditation also keeps your mindset in the present instead of regretting the past or worrying about the future. When you practice meditation, you create a growth mindset that accepts the current reality of change and helps you focus on dealing with i

Long Term Vision 

 Long with a mindset focused on the present, you also need a long-term vision for your future. With careful consideration and planning, your mindset becomes prepared to use change to help you achieve your goals. Reaching your goals requires commitment and hard work. To deal with change effectively, you need a long-term vision as part of your mindset. 

 Look for Positive Changes 

 Your mindset can be either negative or positive, depending on how you chose to focus. A growth mindset concentrates on the positive changes in your life. Taking note of positive changes helps you use these experiences and build on them to reach your goals. Even what may seem like a negative change can motivate you to create a positive outcome. 

 While meditation helps you focus on the change itself in the present, looking for positive changes enables you to categorize changes and shapes your reaction to them. Changes are rarely merely good or bad. How you deal with them depends on if your mindset helps you see them as positive or negative. Looking for positive changes in yourself and your situation, helps you stay on track and committed to personal growth. 


 Practicing gratitude develops from seeing positive changes. When your focus is on change as an opportunity, you are grateful for the lessons you learn and the growth you experience. A growth mindset helps you deal with change by reinforcing it as an opportunity to achieve, not to fail. You see failure as learning, not as a personal attack on your abilities.

Find Positive Support 

 Your mindset can be affected by external forces, especially the influence your friends and family have with you. To maintain a growth mindset, you need positive support from family and friends. Developing a group of people who support you, including mentors, coworkers, and coaches for life or business, gives the positive support you need. 

 Having positive support helps keep you focused when change is challenging for you. Positive support can also provide learning and information to help you overcome challenges. Building a positive support network improves your growth mindset. 


 The physical act of volunteering your time and talents helps support a growth mindset and deal with change. When you value your skills, sharing them with others to help them is an outward expression of your growth mindset. You help others grow, and in turn, you develop yourself. When you volunteer, you see how progress is possible. When change happens, you will deal with it more effectively because you know that you can work through it and overcome any challenges. Volunteering reinforces your mindset to deal with change.

Rather than viewing change as a burden or stress, look at change as a learning experience. Changing your surroundings allows you to question your beliefs and values, advance you in life, and teach you skills that textbooks and stagnant routines never could. You will develop skills that provide you confidence and trust within for future endeavors. In addition, change teaches you to be more observant of the world around you and grateful for what you have. Your mindset affects how you deal with change. Creating a growth mindset helps you stay focused on the positives and reach your goals.


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4 thoughts on “Growth Mindset and Dealing with Change

  1. This was very much needed as I’m working through changing my mindset and focusing on growth. I’ve experienced quite a few big changes and challenges so it felt a bit overwhlming for a while; this was so useful to read!

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