Honoring Our Mothers: Affirmations for International Women’s Day

Who I am and Whose I am

Today is International Women’s Day, and the world is celebrating us. This entire month, people will acknowledge the contributions that women have made throughout history. There are many extraordinary figures, but none as wonderful as the one we each call “mother”. Some may say that I’m missing the point. To them I say, without our mothers, none of us would be here. “I know who I am and whose I am” is honoring a woman that fought cancer at a time when it was an automatic death sentence for more than a decade. Each affirmation in this piece is a testament to the strength and courage passed down from a strong woman to another strong woman.

Generational Strength: 

My grandmother was a strong woman. 

My mother was a strong woman. 

I am a strong woman. 


Fear never gets in the way of my courage.

 I have the guts to try anything. 

I am not afraid to step outside the box. 

I make bold changes.

 I am fierce. 

I am unstoppable. 


I am grateful for every moment I get to live.

 I am grateful for the friends in my life. 

I have an attitude of gratitude.

 I am grateful for all experiences.


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I have the power to create a great life.

 I trust the process. 

I am grateful for the life I am living.

 I make peace with where my life is right now. 

I have a positive impact on other people. 

 My Vision for Myself 

 I continue to learn and grow. 

Lessons guide me, they do not hurt me.

 I see great things for myself.

 I do not compare myself to others. 

I see a bright future for me. 

I am working towards my deepest desires.

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6 thoughts on “Honoring Our Mothers: Affirmations for International Women’s Day

  1. Let’s not forget to honour all the women that have stood up for their rights, fought for justice and equality, and were and still are willing to put their lives on the line to do so, from protesting to joining the military, and everything in between

  2. I am going through huge changes in my life and positive affirmations are something I can really use. I found this post super encouraging. Thank you!

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