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Indoor Activities for Self-Care

We tend to think of self-care more on the weekends though it should be part of our daily routines. If you’re looking for simple ways to keep you in a happy place mentally and physically, you just might have everything that you need right inside your home.

 Some people think that they have to go outside and explore to be able to find peace and happiness. This just isn’t true. This summer, many parts of the US have had record-breaking heat and sauna-like humidity. To say, staying outside for long periods of time is uncomfortable, is an understatement. With these hot and humid days as inspiration, here are some indoor self-care activities.

I've been a homebody since before being a "near hermit" was cool.
- Angel Lewis

Relax and have fun

  •  Read a good book. A good book can transform your thoughts into another world. When you find a book that has you hooked from the very first page, you just know that it’s a special read. Allow yourself to get caught up in the words and discover a world that you never knew existed.

  •  Play a game. Card and board games are great for family time or a gathering of friends. It’s always fun to challenge yourself or someone else inside your home to a good old game of War or Connect Four. Allow yourself to have fun during the game and avoid turning it into something overly competitive. My personal favorites are video games. There are many different types of video games and there is probably one that will feel like they created it just for you.

  •  Start a fun hobby. There’s nothing like a new hobby to stimulate your brain, relax you, and show the world and yourself how much you matter. Find a hobby that looks fun to you and dive in. The time that you spend on this hobby is all time that you’re taking just for you! Affirm how valuable you are by enjoying a new hobby! If you choose a hobby in which you create things, you’ll also raise your self-esteem when you admire the items that you create. Plus, you get the joy of getting to use the items as well, or you could bring joy to yourself and others when you give them away.

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board game
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  • Binge on your favorite show. Sometimes we all need to turn off our brains and turn on the TV. Settle in for a day of watching TV, movies, or just trying to learn the latest dance moves. The easiest way to achieve self-care and to make it happen is to do some of the things that you love. You can easily see that with just a little bit of effort, your time at home can have a positive impact on your day. 

  •  Bake some goodies. Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? Why not put your tummy front and center and spend a day baking up some of your favorite treats? The best part? You’ll get to enjoy the food! Drink your water and sprinkle in some other healthy options, too. Having a well-balanced diet is important for your overall mental, as well as physical health.  

    With the world being full of so many uncertainties, it’s a good time to take charge of the things that you do have control over. Finding indoor activities that bring you happiness isn’t a hard thing to accomplish at all.

Photo by Amber Maxwell Boydell on Unsplash

I understand that not everyone is a homebody like me. Here’s a challenge; look around the room you’re currently in to see what you can find to do. Is it time to rearrange the furniture? What do you have that you’ve forgotten about stashed in that corner over there - you just might find a way to reconnect with yourself and your home.

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  • Angel Lewis

    Hello there! I'm Angel, an entrepreneur and writer who grew up in rural North Carolina and now resides in Virginia. My love for writing began during my time at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. Over the past couple of years, I've authored two nonfiction books in the personal development genre. Along with writing for adults, I also created 'Ready. Set. Fly!', a children's book that inspires self-confidence and resilience. When I'm not writing, I enjoy gardening, reading, playing games, and spending time with those closest to me.

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9 thoughts on “Indoor Activities for Self-Care

  1. There is always a good book and a cup of coffee ready for me when I need some downtime.

    THere are also a few good “mind challenging” games I have on my phone that I like to play as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Angel, you’re singing my song! I am a quiet person, a true introvert, and I adore spending time at home. I love reading, creating new recipes, painting (canvas-objects-walls), writing articles and books, switching up the Feng Shui Garden, and doing yoga. Thanks for raising this important topic.

    1. Kebba, when I first started working from home several years ago, my work hours were from 7:45pm to 4:45am. Though I’m not really a night owl anymore, I just don’t have the desire to go out and “people”.

  3. Being an athlete and loving all.things.outdoors since my teenage years, it is tough when I have to stay in. I so wish my friend, Phillip, who felt that same way had made a different decision last month when he went running in 106 degree heat. His body was found after an almost four-week search not far from a hiking/running trail.

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. High temps can be so dangerous. I know the grieving process can be long and rough. Sending you good things across the miles.

  4. Spending time indoors with myself is always an easy going process for me. Reading a good book, excersising, writing and listening to instrumental music are some of my favourites! Thank you for this post. It was a nice read!

  5. that role in relationships and overall happiness. also be subject to a decrease with age or from lifestyle and environmental factors. help and keep it up for a healthier life.

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