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January Journal Prompts: Goals and Planning

Journaling is a popular self-care and self-development tool. It's a great way to reflect, set goals and make action plans. Not everyone started the New Year with a plan. Here are some journal prompts to help you set your goals and assist in planning what actions you'll take to accomplish those goals.
  • What are 3 goals you have for this year?
  • What is your biggest goal right now?
  • Write some goals that don’t take as much time or effort.
  • What methods do you use for making a plan?
  • Do you prefer paper or digital planning?
  • Why have you chosen the goals you have?
  • What motivates you?
  • Who inspires you the most?
  • What has kept you from achieving your goals in the past?
  • What goals have you quit, and why?
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  • How detailed is your plan to achieve your goals?
  • What is something you used to want, but now doesn’t interest you?
  • How do you manage stress while working on your goals?
  • How confident are you that you will achieve your goals?
  • What is something new you are trying this year?
  • What are your primary obstacles and challenges?
  • Do you believe in manifesting or the law of attraction?
  • What previous goal setting strategies didn’t work for you?
  • How do you handle setbacks on your journey?
  • What does failure mean to you?
  • How will this month be different?
  • What do you do when you get off track?
  • Write 1 goal for each month of the year.
  • Write a list of rewards for achieving your goals.
  • Do you have a good support system?
  • What are your first thoughts when it comes to your goals?
  • Do you have a long-term goal? What is your progress so far?
  • Write a stream of consciousness about your goals and plans.
  • What are some important lessons you have learned while working on your long-term goals?
  • What are you grateful for right now?
  • What plans do you have for next month?

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