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Maintaining Inner Peace

During Times of Great Adversity -- You Must Reach Out and Talk it Through

The times we are living in right now are unpredictable and nearly everyone feels like their world has been shaken up in one way or another. From our routines being thrown off, to feeling isolated and like we have nowhere to go, our mental health has declined due to fear and worry. When our surroundings are not at peace, it can make us feel very unstable and anxious, but it is important to recognize these feelings.

Finding and maintaining peace from within is one of the most important ways to stabilize your mind and feel more comfortable during times of unrest and adversity. It is important to acknowledge that we are all going through similar emotions during this time and that there are ways to improve our wellbeing despite the challenges thrown at us. This can be done in many ways, and below is a list of a few techniques that can help you to find inner peace. 


The most important practice that you can do during these trying times is meditation. Meditation allows you to go within while recognizing your emotions from an outside perspective. This allows you to understand why you are feeling certain ways and feel more peaceful throughout the day. 

Over time, you will feel more accepting of your surroundings and will not be as quick to emotionally react when stressful things occur. You will also be more present in the moment, which is crucial in times when the future is scary and unpredictable. In order to begin practicing, you may want to use a guided meditation so that you are able to clear your mind without distracting thoughts coming into your head.


Breathing Techniques

When your surroundings feel stressful and out of your control, you will likely feel very anxious and not at peace. When you find calmness and peace in your breath, you will be more in control of your stress. 

There are many different breathing strategies that you can use throughout the day and no matter where you are to calm down strong emotions that may arise. Even taking a few deep breaths from your diaphragm has been proven to relax the mind.


Writing down your thoughts in a journal is a great way to recognize gratitude in the small things and understand what is stressing you out. When you no longer have everything bottled up, you will feel more at ease within and you will be more likely to find inner peace. Begin by writing a few thoughts down at the end of each day and you will feel like you have a place to put your thoughts. 

Writing is very important in times like these where we are not constantly distracted because we can be forced to sit with many strong and stressful thoughts. This can be detrimental to mental health, so it is important to let these thoughts go through writing. 

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Reaching Out to Others

Talking about your feelings is another great way to let go of things you have been bottling up, especially at times when everyone around you is feeling the same way. It can be relaxing and comforting to know that your loved ones are experiencing the same emotions because you will not feel like you are in a battle alone. 

Reaching out to others through the use of technology is a great way to stay connected and let go of the isolation feelings. This will help you to find a state of inner peace that you can carry with you throughout these challenging times.

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