Perspective – Positivity Can Change Your Life

Perspective - your lens on the world. How do you see the proverbial glass? Is it half-full or half-empty? 

We’ve discussed how our thoughts influence our behaviors. To briefly summarize (you can read the full post here) - our thoughts are the building blocks of our life experiences. Your thoughts are the driving force behind why you feel and act the way you do. Once you understand the link between those three, you can start living the life you want in the way you want it. 

Remember negative thoughts can hold you back. They keep you shackled in a tiring cycle of self-doubt, fear, and panic. On the flip side, positive thoughts make you feel good about yourself. They uplift your mood, boost your motivation, and encourage you to work hard. 

 When you spend your time thinking and talking about what you want from life and how you can achieve it, you will feel happier and more in control. When you think about happy things, your brain releases endorphins, which give you a feeling of well-being. It doesn’t take long to develop a positive attitude.


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The Importance of Optimism 

Psychological tests have shown that happy people have a specific quality that enables them to live a better life. That quality, of course, is optimism. If you’re groaning at the thought of such positivity, because you worry that you can’t become an optimist, then stop right now. According to WebMD, optimism can be learned. It’s all about cause and effect. If you change your way of thinking and align it with optimists, you will start to feel happier and see results.

The Happy Find The Good In The World 

There are two distinct ways that optimists deal with the world, which sets them apart from the rest: 

  •  First, they remain focused on what they want, looking for ways to achieve it. They set clear goals and remain confident they will achieve them.
  • Second, in every difficult situation an optimist will look for the good. When something goes wrong, they determine what lesson or knowledge can be drawn from the situation.

If you look for the good in someone or something then you will always find it, and in the looking, you will find yourself more cheerful.
positive thinking

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The Power Of Positive Thinking 

Optimists seek the lesson in every obstacle. They don’t get upset and look at where they can lay blame. They control their emotions and look at things logically. Positive thinking has several benefits to your life: 

Motivation: Willpower and motivation come from a strong mind. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions. When you replace pessimism with optimism, you reshape your outlook. 

Strong Relationships: Happiness attracts happiness, thus happy people attract people who are happy. If you surround yourself with negativity, you will only attract negativity. Positivity breeds trust, which builds strong relationships. Without trust, relationships cannot survive. We are hardwired to seek trust.

Confidence: Negativity spreads and can impact other attributes, such as self-esteem and confidence. The key to leading a happy life is loving yourself. Optimists laugh louder, love harder, and walk taller. They glow. 

Strong Mind & Body: Negative thoughts are draining and can have a severe impact on your mental health. They can leave you struggling to get up in the morning and inhibit your ability to sleep. Fatigue leads to weakness, sadness, and a lack of motivation. Therefore, negativity takes a toll on your whole body.

Choose Happiness

You can make the choice today to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Look at your blessings rather than noting every shortcoming. Look at the best in everyone around you, because in truth, the majority of people are honest and good. Look for the good in their actions and in their words, and resolve to be of good cheer. It’s easy to be upbeat when everything in your life is going well. However, it’s even more important to do so when everything is going against you or is falling apart. You can still draw from your inner strength and look on the bright side of life, it will pay off in spades. 

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The key consideration is to ensure that your positive outlook on events is not pollyannish! No need to sugar coat events or items- just don’t assume all is against you, until it is proved to be so.


Yes, maintaining a balanced approach is important. Although I have a sweet tooth, I’m not a fan of sugar-coating things.


I really liked this post! I am a possitive person in general but there are times that life happens and there are no kany reasons to be happy about. However, I always try to find the positive aspects even at the worst case scenario. And there is always one. Thank you for this post!


I’m glad you found some helpful points.



How nice to read a happy/positive post rather than the prolific sad/negative posts that abound. Thank you.

I’m an optimist. Always have been. My glass is full to over-flowing! My wife, on the other hand, has a glass that is half empty and has a hole in the bottom of it! I think I’m gradually converting her though 🙂


Thank you Richie.

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