Strategies for Dealing with Adult Bullies

Were you ever bullied as a child? If so, it could be something that you carried with you into your adulthood. You may yield to those who bark louder, so to speak. It’d be nice to think that once you’re out of school, you’d be done with bullies for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, that can be far from the truth, as anyone who’s ever had a bullying boss, co-worker or friend can attest. We don't have to put up with that unacceptable behavior. Let's examine some strategies for dealing with adult bullies.
stop bullying it hurts

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Let's start by examining your boundaries. Here are some resources.
You may feel that you are an easygoing person. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you are a person who would defer to others because you don’t want to make waves, this can be okay, under the right circumstances. But, if you do this all the time, you eventually will get trampled on with more important issues. 

 Do you have boundaries, but they don’t seem to work? You still feel like people are taking unfair advantage of you. Your self-esteem is taking constant hits, and the criticism is unending. Check out "Signs You Need Healthier Personal Boundaries" for some reflection questions to help guide you.

Stand Up for Yourself 

When you take a stand, do it respectfully. You don't have to put on a show to let someone know your position. Sometimes, the best way to stand up for yourself is no response at all. No emotion. No remark. Don't give their drama the oxygen it needs to continue. My mother used to say that you don't dignify stupidity with a response. Stand tall, but do so in a way that never compromises your self-respect.

 Pick Your Battles 

Sometimes things are not worth your energy. Don't dig in your heels about everything. Let others have some wins. This shows strength and leadership. You will win people to your way of thinking, as they won’t feel threatened by your presence. When you show your willingness to cede to them, you can develop a great working relationship from now on. 

Final Thoughts 

Try to keep anger out of the picture because it makes people react in ways they later regret. It’s okay to be firm when dealing with others, but there’s no reason to elevate the situation to where you get personal.

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